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Cleveland Heights and The National Register of Historic Places
Cleveland Heights has a wonderful array of structures and districts that have been placed on the National Register.

Lost Cleveland Heights
A look at the structures that - for good reasons and bad - are no longer a part of our city's landscape.

Researching Your House
Lots of good ways to find out more about the history of your home.

Temple on the Heights Versus the Rockefellers
Was 'architectural conformity' really John D. Rockefeller, Junior's, principal mission?

The Euclid Avenue of the Heights
A detailed history of the historic Euclid Golf Allotment.
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Household Names from the Heights
Like most cities, Cleveland Heights has had its share of widely known and (sometimes) widely reviled citizens. Check out our list of Cleveland Heights' most vile citizens, recently contributed by John Stark Bellamy.

The Streets of Cleveland Heights
A collection of articles that discuss the origins and etymologies of our city's thoroughfares.

When Bad Ideas Happen to Good Suburbs
In this section we present some of the most dramatic “improvement” projects that (thankfully) never happened.

Sears Catalog Homes: The Cleveland Heights Connection
Some of Cleveland Heights' most interesting homes came in a box!

Drive By History:  Dean's Dairy
Next time you're stuck in the construction traffic on Mayfield between Lee and south Taylor Roads, take a good look at the U-Haul building. Did you know that this building was once a thriving dairy, right here in Cleveland Heights?

National Art Treasures in Cleveland Heights
Did you know that Oxford Elementary school is home to one of the Cleveland area's finest collection of Federal Art? Thousands of students and hundreds of teachers who walked through the halls and library of Oxford, located at 939 Quilliams Road, have passed by these beautiful pieces of art every day.

The Firemen's "Clubhouses" of Cleveland Heights
The design and construction of contemporary public structures tend to be governed by two fundamental factors: practicality and cost. This has often led to the creation of structures that are, in the eyes of some observers, less than inspiring. However, in older cities such as Cleveland Heights, this was not always the case....

The Kelvin Home: Cleveland Heights Leads the Way to "A New And Better Way of Living"
On Wednesday, September 8, 1937, George W. Mason, president of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation of Detroit, presided over the opening ceremonies of two "Kelvin Homes"...

Local People and Local Memories: The Cleveland Heights Oral History Project
Longtime residents of Cleveland Heights may remember that in conjunction with the second annual Heights Heritage Tour in 1978, a booklet titled In My Day was published by the tour’s sponsor, the Heights Community Congress.

Cleveland Heights and the National Preservation Movement
What is Cleveland's -- and Cleveland Heights's -- place within the Historic Preservation Movement in the US?

Obscene History in the Heights: The Case of Nico Jacobellis and Les Amants
The idea of fostering civility in Cleveland Heights has a more checkered history than one might expect.

Cleveland Heights: A Restful Place to "Take the Cure"
In the early 1900s, Cleveland Heights was billed as a restful escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Cleveland. By the 1920s, however, area residents could find even more rest and care at one of two Cleveland Heights sanitariums.

The Struggle for Fair Housing in Cleveland Heights: The St. Ann Audit
Only in the 1960s did the United States begin seriously coming to terms with some of its institutionalized racial inequities. As part of this process, Congress passed several pieces of landmark legislation designed to eliminate racial discrimination in key areas of daily life, including access to public accommodations, employment, education and voting.

Discovering Change: Cleveland Heights Congregations
A glimpse at the rich and varied histories associated with Cleveland Heights' numerous houses of worship. Adapted from Marian Morton's newest book, "Discovering Change: Cleveland Heights Congregations," available at local bookstores and through

Remembering Cumberland Park
You could always tell when you were getting close to Cumberland Pool. On those lazy summer afternoons, you could hear the din of children yelling and shrieking. It was a calming kind of noise. The voices of young children all seemed to blend together.

Get Comfortable with the Bungalows of Cleveland Heights
American Bungalow magazine recently published a great article on th architecture of some of Cleveland Heights' most attractive residences.

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