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Historic Photos of Cleveland Heights Schools
Lee Road School, built 1902, photographed 1960s   Boulevard School c. 1930   Monticello Junior High School Trip, 1960s
Canterbury School Ancillary Classroom Building  
Monticello Junior High School Original Rendering   Coventry School Demolition
Heights High, Building the South Pool, 1949   Taylor School, 1930s
Noble School, Built 1910, Photographed 1930s
Roosevelt Junior High (the original Heights High)   Roxboro Elementary School
Roxboro Junior High, Davis Cup Tennis, Mid 1960s
Roosevelt Junior High Demolition, 1975   Roxboro School, Original Building Built 1905
Wiley Junior High, Original Architect's Rendering   Taylor Road Elementary School Gymnasium
Coventry School, c. 1930   Boulevard School, c. 1930   Aerial view of Heights High (pre Science Wing)
John Sherwin House on Overlook Road, former Ursuline College dorm   Heights High School senior prank, 1970
Heights High Pool, c., 1930   Demolition of Taylor School, c. 1975   Superior Schoolhouse class, c. 1890.
(Photo courtesy of Cleve. Hts. Historical Center at Superior Schoolhouse)
Coventry School Upper Playground, c. 1958
View of Heights High from East Derbyshire Road   Ursuline College Students, Cedar Hill and Overlook Road, 1965
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