The Cleveland Heights Historical Society was established in 1983 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to discovering, preserving and promoting the heritage of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

This blog – in conjunction with our website – will further these goals by providing the public with up to date information on news and events relating to the history of Cleveland Heights.  In addition, our blog will spotlight some of the best content we’ve collected over the years telling the stories of the people, places, and events that shaped Cleveland Heights. Look here, as well, for new research and new stories currently being collected by historians uncovering aspects of the city’s past. Be sure to check back often for new updates and announcements!


Q: Where is the Cleveland Heights Historical Society located?

A: We do not have a physical space to visit, but our website and Facebook page offer hundreds of stories and photos from the city’s past. We can also be found around town talking about Heights history. Click the “Events” tab for information about our lecture series coming up in May.

Q: How can I donate or become a member?

A: Print and mail this form with a check or money order to us at PO Box 18337 Cleveland Heights, OH 44118. All members receive our seasonal journal “View from the Overlook,” featuring original research on the city’s history. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept donations online.

Q: Who is the Cleveland Heights Historical Society

Michael Rotman is the Director of the Society and runs this website. He can be reached via email at heightshistory@gmail.com.  Ken Goldberg is President of the Society. Other trustees are Mazie Adams, Bill Barrow, Bill Hopkins, Christopher Hubbert, Michael Madorsky, Laura Peskin, Korbi Roberts, and Stephen Titchenal.

Coventry School, 1921

Coventry School, 1921


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